Depression & Anxiety

The data shows that approximately 300 million people are suffering from depression and anxiety globally. In this article, we will cover what might be the causative agent of depression, and how do pharmacists help to lessen the condition? What causes depression and anxiety, what are the signs and symptoms of depression? Above all, what pharmacists can do to help those who are depressed in society?

What is Depression & Anxiety?

Depression is a popular psychiatric disorder and illness that negatively interfere with how you act, think, and feel among others. Anxiety is a mental disorder characterized by a feeling of fear or worry that can strongly distort your day-to-day activities. With adequate clinical support, guidance and/or proper medications, depression and anxiety can be treated.

Signs and Symptoms of Depressions & Anxiety

How will you know that you are suffering from depression and anxiety? Some of the symptoms can include:
  • Change in appetite
  • Feeling low 
  • No motivation
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Loss of energy or fatigue
  • Restlessness and agitation

Can Pharmacist help with Depression & Anxiety?

Yes, pharmacists can offer consultation and education concerning lifestyle adjustments to help those who are suffering from depression. Pharmacists may play an important role in the primary care for patients suffering from depression and anxiety. Pharmacists can assist by the following:
  1. Offering counseling on the appropriate medicine to use
  2. Following up the patients for drug-related problems
  3. Assessing patient’s knowledge and skills concerning the medicine given
  4. Providing counselling on non-pharmaceutical avenues to treat depression
Generally, pharmacists provide patients with the best care services to help them improve their mental health. Seeking help from a pharmacist to get counselling, advice, follow up and recommendations can be very helpful.


Seeking help from a pharmacist when you’re suffering from depression might help you a great deal. You’ll get prudent advice, recommendation, and follow-up to help you recover from depression and anxiety easily.
These blogs are for informational purposes only. For medical advice specific to your needs, please consult with your pharmacist and/or health care provider.